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FindING our  power WITHIN by helping others

Reaching  Out

Working with members of the public in the community and making a difference

  • Humanitarian needs in the Teesside Area
  • Food bank access
  • Advocates in Action
  • Ten Stage workshops 


those in need


An Advocate is someone who will support you, listen to you and can speak for you in times of need. At times people with addictions may feel vulnerable and need support in getting their voice heard.If you feel no-one is listening to what you want or how you feel about a particular situation.

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Our Mission



Fraser Trevor

Sociologist and

Founder of The Ten Stages.Rebel & Rebelle Recovery DID certified

The majority of our staff are in long term recovery with experience of the treatment system. We promote Visible Recovery and Peer 2 Peer Support. We are passionate about reducing Stigma, ABCD Assert Based Community Development, building recovery communities and promoting choice.
Inspired by William White  

Kevin M Hunt

ā€‹Highly Experienced Addiction  Consultant


TRAC is an independent organisation and are 

not part of any statutory body or treatment services. 
People in recovery from substance abuse have as much to contribute to society as anyone else and with the correct

support can become very active citizens ,especially when

it comes to helping others with similar issues.12 Step Woman to Woman, Rebel & Rebelle Recovery Ten Stage taught course coursesā€‹.Champion an independent recovery lifestyle with a

wide range of choices 


Meet Our Team & Trustees

Founder TRAC Advocates

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

12 Step Therapist

Highly Experienced Consultant

DID certified

Our Outreach team works alongside Rebelle Recovery a Womens only group using the DAD model of recovery. Rebel Stage Therapy Model: Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery, Healing the Brain.

Locally, nationally and internationally TRAC  Teesside Recovery Advocates are a vocal advocate for people in recovery or wanting to enter recovery suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. We also advocate for employees in recovery. We offer an Independent Advocacy Experience

  • Recovery Group outings 
  • Retreats for Peace
  • Rebelle Recovery.
  • Ten Stage Meditations

Annalice Sibley


TRAC in Action